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IGP Baba

…To hold team leaders responsible if directives are flaunted

…Directive should be subject of lectures

Juliana Francis

The Inspector-General of Police, (IGP), Alkali Usman Baba, has reiterated his directives to police personnel to desist from night journeys.

These directives came amidst escalating death rates being recorded among policemen acting as escorts for politicians and influential Nigerians.

In this year alone, several police personnel attached to politicians and influential figures had been killed by gunmen, while the principals they protected most often go unscathed.

Most of these principals are cocooned in their bulletproof vehicles, while the police aids and guards were not even provided with bulletproof vests.

Again, most police personnel now embark on night travels for investigations and as guards for interstate buses and private figures. This way, they make quick money for themselves.

For those escorting people to the southeast, the money is incredibly tempting and mouth-watering because of the raging insecurity in that axis.

Earlier this year, Baba had warned personnel to desist from night journeys, but many had not heeded the order.

Following the last attack on policemen at Rumuokoro Flyover in Rivers State, where some personnel were killed and their principal whisked away by alleged kidnappers, Baba had to reiterate his warning, but this time, threatening to wield the big stick.

In a signal titled, “Ban on night journeys,” Baba said that it has been observed with dismay the manner in which officers and drivers travel on official duty by road without recourse to earlier directives mandating police personnel, contingent to terminate their journey by 6:PM and sleep at the nearest police stations.

The signal continues thus: “Sleep at the nearest police station and continue the journey the following day to avert an untoward situation. Henceforth, any contingent or team leader flaunting these directives will be vicariously held liable and shall be dealt with accordingly. These directives should be subject of lectures to officers and men.”

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